We are committed to the active pursuit of the “state of the art” in civil engineering technology.  Our firm uses the latest software from Autodesk to ensure that we are working as efficiently as possible so that we can solve problems quickly when they occur.  We believe in pushing the envelope so that we can improve our processes and save our time, and your money.

We always strive to provide the client with a better product and experience than the competition can offer.  We use software like Trimble Sketchup and Google Earth to visualize projects before any substantial investment is made on them.  We use 3D renderings to test concepts and validate them before the design phase, and to answer questions in the approval phase. 

Analysis and Design of projects is aided by our use of GIS software and data.  We can efficiently evaluate complex design scenarios by using data sets that we have developed.  We utilize our data aid in some of the following analysis’s

  • Site Feasibility
  • Watershed
  • Volume Calculation
  • Traffic Management
  • Soil Type
  • Environmental Impact

We used our technology approach recently when we were contracted to provide planning, engineering, surveying, construction management and entitlement services on the 70-acre re-development project at the Pine Ridge Mall in Chubbuck, ID.  RMES developed conceptual plans for roadway re-alignments and access and the addition of multiple new buildings within the mall property.  We created a highly detailed 3D model of the mall and tested several design iterations.  The designs consisted of arterial roadway adjustments to Yellowstone Ave, the busiest street in Chubbuck, and associated utilities including water, sewer, storm water and all dry utilities. 

Through this ongoing project, RMES has worked with many retailers including Carmike Cinemas, Red Robin, Freddy’s, Panera Bread, Discount Tire, Red Lobster, Delta Dental, Fed-ex, Hobby Lobby and many others to develop alternatives and site infrastructure plans within the development. 

To date RMES had developed detailed designs, construction plans and specifications for approximately 20 million dollars of public and private site infrastructure on this project. 

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