The Reserve at Bear Lake

Environmental Services RMES
Environmental Services – RMES

RMES continues to be responsible for study, design, and construction monitoring for a large recreational subdivision and associated culinary water and sanitary sewer system development in Bear Lake County, Idaho near Fish Haven.  Currently, the project is composed of 550 residential and commercial units and designed to support over 2500 residents.  The project is located in undeveloped areas where expansion of existing systems was not feasible. 

RMES completed a comprehensive study on the entire water system and sewer system to evaluate options to provide feasible service options during the master plan development.  A model-based system simulation with H2O water Map software was conducted to determine the location and sizing of the infrastructure and utilities, including water source wells, water tanks, booster stations, and PRV stations. Groundwater was selected as the water source and four large production wells were developed to provide the supply.  The water system model developed can simulate many different scenarios including peak and fire flow demands to optimize system operation.

In addition to the modeling, a facilities plan was created and RMES also completed the design and construction oversight of the multiple well developments, a large booster station and a 0.6 MG storage reservoir.  To date, over 4 miles of water transmission line and associated appurtenances have been installed within the project.  A total of 12 pressure reducing stations have also been designed and installed to accommodate the large topographical relief within the project.    

As part of our coordination effort with the Idaho DEQ, RMES provided comprehensive installer and operator-oriented design documentation including engineering reports, design plans, construction specifications, operation and maintenance manuals, and bid documents.  Through our efforts on the project, we were able to balance project goals related to costs with agency requirements and provide advanced, easily operated, economical systems to serve the overall community needs for years into the future.

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